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Long Island, Bahamas
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Long Island, Bahamas

Relatively unknown to the outside world, Long Island in the southern Bahamas is an untouched paradise for thoseChurch.jpg (16489 bytes) seeking a beautiful place to live at a very affordable price. Two contrasting coastlines make Long Island one of the most scenic Out Island destinations. While the western coast has soft sandy beaches along the shallow Bahamian sea, the eastern side falls down to the ocean in dramatic rocky cliffs, interspersed with protected coves and stretches of sandy, beachcombing shoreline. Never more than 4 miles wide, and at 76 miles in length, Long Island, one of Columbus' stopping places, lives up to its name.

Queens Highway runs for close to 90 miles through some 35 settlements, farming and fishing villages where you'll find many native restaurants offering the delicious local fare of fresh fish, conch and mutton. You'll pass through old world settlements with their stone walls and plantation ruins, graceful old churches, brightly painted houses, and small herds of the famous Long Island sheep. As seen from the roads, the natural beauty of Long Island ranges from broad lakes and high rolling hills in the south, shallow bays and wetlands along the west coast, to rugged headlands that drop off suddenly to the sea on the east. The northern end of the island has sea cliffs unique to the Bahamas.

capesantamaria.jpg (25015 bytes)Columbus named the island's northern tip Cape Santa Maria, in honor of one of his ships. The area is full of beautiful lagoons and natural canals, with truly stunning white sand beaches; in fact, the premier resort of Cape Santa Maria, located in this area, has one of the world's top ten beaches. Columbus Point, located 1/2 mile north of the resort, offers a tremendous view of the protected harbor Columbus sailed into, as well as a monument and plaque commemorating his landing.

Long Island's biggest event is the annual Long Island Sailing Regatta, featuring the traditionally made Bahamian sailboat. It is held in Salt Pond the week preceding Whit Monday (sometime between the end of May to early June), and attracts contestants and spectators from all over the islands of the Bahamas. Featured are Bahamian folk music (better known as "Rake-and-Scrape"), dancing, and several vendor booths selling popular Bahamian dishes, T-shirts, straw work, and other local crafts. The highlight, of course, is the regatta racessailboat.jpg (10658 bytes) themselves.

With some 4,500 residents, the people of Long Island are some of the friendliest you will meet, with an independent spirit and a wonderful diversity you'll find nowhere else in the Bahamas. There are fishermen, farmers, shepherds, and laborers, and many small business owners supplying the island with a myriad of goods and services.

Many parts of Long Island remain undiscovered by locals and visitors alike due to the rugged terrain in the interior portion of the island. In fact, it was in one of Long Island's many large caves that a local resident discovered ancient Lucayan Indian artifacts. No doubt about it, Long Island is one of the Bahamas' loveliest and most unique islands.

LOCATION: 160 miles southeast of Nassau

ATTRACTIONS: beaches, The Long Island Regatta, Cartwright's Cave, Shark Reef to watch a scuba master feed sharks, glass bottom boat cruises, Columbus Point, Dean's Blue Hole, Historic Churches, Plantation ruins.

ACTIVITIES: Surfing, Swimming, diving/snorkeling, fishing, boating, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, hiking, biking, tennis, sightseeing by airplane, kayaking , exploring caves.


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