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Forest Hotel

Miley, Long Island
Property Size:1.25 acres
Property Style: N/A
Property Type: Motel / Resort
Property Description: n/a
Development: N/A
Status:For Sale
Listing ID:1024

This property features two buildings - one building consists of a restaurant and bar, and a wholesale liquor store which is 3737 sq. ft. in size. The other a motel comprising of six rooms with satellite TV being 1538 sq. ft. in size. There is also a two ton air condition unit, disco lightening and D. J. system. The restaurant and bar has seating for up to 250 persons. This motel is located in the settlement of Miley which is loacted fifteen minute south of Long Island's Capital, Clarence Town where you an find grocery stores, a gas station, a marina and various other businesses.

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