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Long Island, Bahamas
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  July 2003

I want to share my excitement about my recent experience buying land on Long Island, Bahamas.  I have been visiting Nassau and Paradise Island every winter since 1989, and never ventured to the out islands.  This past January during my routine visit to Paradise Island, I came upon an advertisement in the yellow pages for Sunshine Real Estate and I felt compelled to give them a call.  It was time to see what the "other" side of the Bahamas was like. 

My husband and I sold our home in New York, and for the past 3 years we have been going to Hawaii looking at real estate to create our "dream tropical life".  During this visit to Paradise Island, I thought I should take a look at some real estate in the Bahamas too.  It is soo close.  Much closer than Hawaii.  And beautiful.

 So, I called Sunshine Real Estate and Charlie Beede answered the phone.  He took his time and explained the Island to me.  He was so open and direct and honest that I bought a ticket that afternoon to fly over to Long Island to see what real estate he had to offer.   He described the Island and the properties he had for sale so acurately.  Long Island is a jewel.  One of those amazing places filled with untouched beaches that the rest of the world hasn't discovered yet.  I remember Charlie saying to me on the phone, "if you are looking for 18 holes of golf, and fine shops, you don't want to come to Long Island".  Right away, I knew this was a place I HAD to see. 

The next day I arrived at Deadman's Cay airport and Charlie met me there.  He drove me around the Island and was filled with wonderful stories of life there and little points of interest.  What a wonderful tour and a wonderful day with a very special man.  I instantly felt comfortable with him.  Charlie tells it like it is .  He and his terrific wife, Joyce, have been living on Long Island for over 10 years and they know it like their own backyard. 

 I stayed the night on Long Island, had an amazing meal, and the following day was treated to an incredible ride on Charlie's boat to view the properties I had looked at by sea.

That was it for me.  That day I made an offer on the land and today I am happy to say, we are proud owners of some awesome waterfront property on Long Island, BS!!!

 If it was not for Charlie and his straight forward, direct, no bull attitude, I would not be an owner today.  I have never worked with anyone in realestate that was so honest and informative.  What I also realize, is that when you buy real estate on an island like Long Island, the relationship you have with your broker is so important because he is also the source of so much information.  Where to go to get the best vegetables, fish, supplies, contractors, architects, water, etc. 

I don't want the world to discover Long Island just yet, but I can't help but spread the word about the amazing man, Charlie Beede and his wife Joyce and brother-in-law Willis, who are running a fine business with all the care and honesty anyone could imagine.

 Thanks Charlie,

Joanne  Steenberg,
Sunset Beach, Long Island BS

Unlike anyone else we took a three day vacation to Long Island, after we had bought a building lot “sight unseen” from Charlie Beede at Sunshine Real Estate. WELL, we were shocked. The property was BEAUTIFUL... absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Within the next 12 months we built our Island dream home. The island, people, abundance of superb food was incredible. 

Most people only dream of owning a home on a Caribbean Island. We are now going to be living out our dream. For the price of only a couple vacations we actually own our Island dream home.

 Willis and Charlie are the easiest, nicest, most pleasant real estate brokers out there! Their honesty, integrity and eye for the RIGHT DEAL are true to fact.

 The time is right for Long Island and beautiful lots, beach front lots ect. Next time you’re on Long Island come to Sunset Beach and look for the blue tile roof by the beach (Aqua-terracotta) An Island Dream Home!

 Don’t let your dreams pass you by, Charlie and Willis will help you make them come true.

 Jeff R.
Champaign, IL

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

If you are thinking about buying some property in the Bahamas I have some advice for you: DON'T PUT IT OFF MUCH LONGER OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT!

I know, because my wife and I bought 14 acres of property on Long Island in August of 2001. It has almost 400 feet of the prettiest beach on the island with clear blue water and unbelievable sunsets. And if we had waited until
today to buy it we would NOT have been able to afford it.

But we were lucky. We had two things going for us that enabled us to make a quick decision on the property we bought on Long Island:

#1. We had always wanted to live on the beach so we had done two years of research on the price of beachfront property in Florida from the Panhandle to the Keys. From our research of the market, we knew that a 100 foot lot on the beach would cost at LEAST 2 MILLION BUCKS! (It's more now!). So we knew that the property values on Long Island were a bargain compared to Florida and the Northern Bahamas.

#2. We were working with Willis Harding and Charlie Beede from Sunshine Real Estate. If you want to find someone to let you in on all the inside information about the Bahamas and Long Island, these are the guys! They are no-nonsense people who know their business and their island.

We met them and in two days they had shown us the entire island and ALL the properties for sale. They also explained the procedures on buying property in the Bahamas. Before meeting Charlie and Willis I was skeptical about buying property in the Bahamas. They explained everything that was involved, how it all worked and ways to streamline the process. They even informed us that Title Insurance was available from an American Insurance company! Needless to say they totally put us at ease about purchasing land in the Bahamas. In a nutshell, buying property in the Bahamas is pretty much like buying it in the States.

Charlie told us about the real estate market in the Bahamas and encouraged us to buy before the prices went up. We did and they have! We are really glad we listened to his advice. We are happy with the land we purchased and are currently in the process of putting up a nice house. Hopefully we'll be down there full time in a few months. Can't wait!!

We think Long Island is the best island in the Bahamas. The people are fantastic. Warm and friendly. The island offers much to do and see. It's 85 miles long and there's only 5000 people on it! If you are looking for some
seclusion and serenity, this is it. Long Island is THE tropical paradise that you have been dreaming about all these years.  Call Charlie and Willis now and grab a piece of beachfront or a hilltop lot and get down here and
start living the dream. Life, my friends, is too short!

George Rathgeber


Sunshine Real Estate, Long Island, Bahamas
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